I entered into the Rottweiler´s World in year 2001 when I got a chance to have my first dog male Alger. Together we discovered the magic of sports cynology, Alger taught me to trust him as an equal partner and showed me the important things – how to understand a dog's soul and how to listen and communicate with such a wonderful breed as the Rottweiler. In fact, Alger taught me his entire life, every moment we were together. It is absolutely amazing when you are able to understand your dog and vice versa. Unfortunately Alger has healthy problems with his legs and therefore we can train only for his joy. We got a lot of experiences and we have known some great people from this world Mrkající

Rottweilers have written to my heart so much, that I will always try to make them more visible, with a great reputation and a maximum presentation mainly as a working breed, because even a Rottweiler can be quick, temperament and cheerful dog in correct guidance and motivation.

I currently devote my time to taking pictures of Rottweilers. I primarily focus on capturing dogs in a motion as in sports, and capturing dog’s expressions. I cooperate with worldwide magazine - The Total Rottweiler Magazine which is published in Canada, the Czech Dog Magazine - Pes pritel cloveka and Psi Sporty and also sometimes you can find my photos on the first pages of the Czech Rottweiler Club Newsletter.

Now I´m going to work in "high level" with my Rottweiler Isostar, and I certainly will try to make him grow into a confident, well socialized and balanced dog, which will be fast in sports, accurate and joyful. I hope that I will have the opportunity to start train and personally present the Rottweiler as working dog. I have a lot of ideas and goals about Rottweilers and I believe that I will carry them out.

Please love your Rottweilers, communicate with them with love and understanding, not with anger and violence!

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