9th October 2018

Isostar attended the competition RTW CUP in Strancice in category IPO3 with points 84-77-0 Nerozhodný Unfortunately our defence was finished, we had problem with running around the blinds. All results here

24th September 2018

Actual list of World Working Champions of Rottweilers here

23th September 2018

The new IFR IPO World Champion is Dmitry Dudukin with Cid vom Rottberg. The best Czech competitor Ilona Procházkova with her male Certh Iss z Benateckeho dvora placed 12th. Congratulation! Results of IFR 2018

11th August 2018

Isostar passed exam IPO2 with points /80-86-84/ at Summer Training Camp Usmívající se I would like to thank everyone who help us at training field Mrkající

4th August 2018

Czech Team for year 2018 at IFR World Championship Usmívající se

6th May 2018

Isostar attended the competition "10.INTERNATIONALER GROSSER PREIS" in Rottweil and he placed 4th overall with points 95-94-80 {#emotions_dlg.jokingly} All results here

7th April 2018

Isostar passed exam IPO1 /82-92-99/ Usmívající se I would like to thank everyone who help us at training field, I appreciate it a lot Usmívající se

8th February 2018

This year will compete two rottweilers at IPO3 elimination competitions - Aragorn Divoka ruze in Trebon and Tequela von Avalon in Bochovice Usmívající se Good luck {#emotions_dlg.yes}









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